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At  ABBA our educational system prepares you for a successful career through hands-on learning, professional tools, quality starter kits and  a salon-focused curriculum. The Academy will   be a learning based business as well as preparing for the working environment, training students for careers that require marketing skills, customer relationship management and financial management, along with cosmetology and barbering. The Academy will give the students the opportunity to experience the salon environment and allow them to perform services as seniors and receive a percentage of each service as well as receive cash/tips for services.  The Academy will offer an industry-leading cosmetology program, as well as continuing education courses for current beauty professionals. All of  our  programs provides expert instruction and allows Future Professionals to practice their skills on actual clients in real-life salon environments. All of our classes will be taught by well-trained, passionate, and talented instructors










It is our goal to provide each student with the practical and theoretical education,and counseling necessary to inspire each student to satisfactorily complete their course of field of cosmetology/ barbering and others. We also strive to provide, by example, leadership and encouragement to motivate students to establish higher goals of achievement and to advance beyond the basic requirements.

It is our vision to be an exemplar beauty and barber school that has a 100% graduation rate of students who become industry leaders.

Our Vision

Our Mission

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